Convenience Store Franchise Gets Quick Jump In Foot Traffic With Geofencing

A northeast convenience store chain with over 50 locations was struggling to find a cost effective way to reach people who were driving off the interstate near one of their stores. Despite having some decent brand recognition, internal studies showed their brand was not as well recognized. They continued their social media presence and other traditional advertising methods, but ultimately wanted to find another solutions. That is when they came to SEO SEM Professionals to inquire about geofencing marketing.


The convenience store wanted to reach people who drove off the exits near their store, nearby competitor locations, and other convenient stops close to their convenience store. So the team at SEO SEM Professionals created a high targeted geofencing plan that included some site retargeting and geofencing advertising. We placed very tightly controlled geofences around the locations.

We also placed a conversion zone around the client’s restaurant so we could measure foot traffic back to their location. So say the least, we all didn’t expect the results after just 5 days of advertising.


Over the course of 12 days, the campaign drove over 66 convenience store visitors from the area in that short period of time. Their average customer value is $15.00 per store visit. In addition, our team was able to compare the convenience store’s natural foot traffic from those same areas (those people who never saw their ads) to the campaign foot traffic (the people who saw their ads and came back to their restaurant).

Over the course of 12 days, the client experienced a 101% increase in foot traffic from those geofenced locations. After further analyzing the results, the client is looking to roll out the program to the other 40 plus store locations.