How we used paid search to help a law firm make its case for new business.


A local bankruptcy law firm needed help acquiring new clients. Networking seemed to be the main method of acquiring new cases, but they knew they needed an investment and focus on advertising to reach people facing financial jeopardy. Naturally, the client turned to Google Adwords and enlisted our agency to assist with developing a comprehensive paid search strategy to grow their practice and growing practice of 5 attorneys.


The first thing our team did was install call tracking software so the attorney and their practice could measure the phone calls coming into the practice. They were hesitant at first, but the call tracking software did not impact their intake of phone calls negatively. We developed an appointment booking system on their website, and installed form submissions in more key areas so we could both measure conversions and provide more enticing opportunities for patients to convert on the website. We also helped improved the overall experience on the website and made it more mobile optimized while also improving individual landing page experience so people looking to “Chapter 13 Bankruptcy” experienced solely that level of content, and people looking to “Chapter 7 Bankruptcy” experienced content centered around chapter 7 bankruptcies.

We then started from scratch executed the following actions in their Google Adwords campaign:

  • Using existing research tools to give our paid search team a head start in finding high performing bankruptcy related keyword terms
  • Created separate Call Only campaigns, so the law practice could only pay for phone calls versus clicks to their website
  • Added low performing and completely irrelevant terms to a negative keywords campaigns to improve efficiency in Ad Spend
  • Connected our conversion tracking to Adwords so we can tie Adwords Spend to Conversions (phone calls, chat box, form submissions, and appointments booked)
  • Developed Single Keywords AdGroups thus reducing our over cost per click across our targeted terms, improving overall click through rates, and improving the Quality Scores across the keywords we were targeting.
  • Most importantly, we implemented a regular schedule to optimizing and improving the overall campaign.


The bankruptcy law practice has grown to a 14 person law practice, gets 70% of their leads through paid search and SEO, and continues to expand their service line beyond bankruptcy including foreclosure defense, wage garnishment, and other legal financial related assistance services.

The client has been with our agency for over 4 years.