Mountain Resort Reaches CTR Peak With Our Team

b2c geofencing

A mountain resort and recreation area was looking to build awareness among its target audience and promote a discount offer. They enlisted the help of our team to utilize new geo-fencing technology and several other tactics to improve their programmatic advertising performance and accomplish their goal of achieving a CTR of at least .08%.


Our team developed a comprehensive strategy of search retargeting at the keyword level, category contextual targeting and geo-fencing. The advertiser identified dozens of regional recreational areas, resorts and campgrounds, and we built geo-fences around each location. With quick learning from the campaign launch, our team and our multivariate algorithms were able to continually optimize performance mid-flight, including monitoring keyword performance and adding new keywords to aid in delivery.


Result (Tripled the Client’s CTR)
Through multiple tactics and optimizations, our team achieved a CTR of .27%, more than tripling the client’s goal of a .08% CTR.