Non Profit Gains Amazing Exposure With Event Targeting & Geofencing

A national non profit was focused on a major event they wanted to gain great exposure from. Their past marketing efforts consisted of pay per click advertising, email marketing, and other expansive marketing efforts that were too expensive and not focused on covering ONLY the people at the event.


Within a 1 week time frame the SEO SEM Professionals team developed a comprehensive strategy of geo-optimization targeting people at the event over the 3 days period, while allows the client to continue serving ads to them event attendees for up to an additional 28 days. Our team built geo-fences around the event and nearby hotels to reach event attendees most likely to express an interest in the brand.


Through multiple tactics and optimizations, our team achieved a CTR of 0.14%, exceeding the industry average of 0.1%. The clients fundraising initiatives saw a pick up and they received legitimate phone calls inquiring about potential tickets purchases for future events and becoming more engaged with the non profit brand.