When Newk’s Eatery came to SEO SEM Professionals, it was very clear that they wanted to experience a major improvement regarding their online positioning for Organic Search and Google Maps Listings. The plan was to increase their digital footprint and get higher search rankings by adding a professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign, which would include their 23 corporate locations.

Once we met with the Newk’s Eatery C-Level team, we began an in-depth market research on their business, as well as, their competitors. The analysis involved key components such as keyword research, website optimization, link metrics, Google business page optimization, multiple mobile factors, competitive ranks and much more.

One other crucial variable was given to us by Newk’s… we found that our reports indicated a high number of site errors which needed to be addressed immediately (because if not corrected, the errors could have serious negative impacts on the campaign). When we contacted Newk’s about this, we were informed that a new site was under construction and that no updates would be placed on the current version. This would make things very challenging.


Once the data was compiled, a custom initiative was created and then implemented. Even though we encountered some initial resistance regarding the website, the results we achieved were AMAZING! The company had never experienced such growth… Google Clicks Up 493%, Google Impressions Up 460%, Query Counts Up 163%, New User Visits Up 7.45% (an increase of near 60,000) etc…

Newk’s also experienced HUGE increases in traffic to the website, top ranking keywords for both desktop and mobile, organic search positions and much more. This was an extremely successful campaign with very happy clients. We were able to help them in a number of ways and that is important to us.

Take a look at the numbers below for the Newk’s Eatery campaign:

Newk’s Eatery Organic Traffic Facts

  1. 12/16 was the first December Newk’s has ever experienced an increase in online organic traffic.
  2. We doubled the largest increase in organic traffic since the company’s inception.
  3. Mobile traffic has increased every month since the SEO campaign began.