Why Reputation Marketing?

The Facts About Online Reviews

88% Of Buyers Trust Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations

Myles Anderson, Founder & CEO of BrightLocal.com

97% Of Consumers Age 18-34 Read Online Reviews To Judge A Local Business

2015 Local Consumer Review Survey

Visitors Will Spend 88% More Time ON Your Website If It Has Video

Mist Media

Online Reviews Equate to Trust

88% Of Buyers Trust Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations

Myles Anderson, Founder & CEO of BrightLocal.com

To what extent do people trust the following forms of advertising?

Recommendations from people I know 84%
Branded Websites 69%
Consumer opinions posted online 68%
Editorial content such as newspapers 67%
Ads on TV 62%
Emails I signed up for 56%
Text ads on mobile phones 37%

How We can Help Your Business with Reputation Marketing


When is the last time you looked at any reviews people have posted online about your business? 
We will monitor *review sites for you and keep you in the “KNOW”!


Did you know that you need at least 6 to 10 reviews on at least *15 different sites?
We can help you get reviews on many *review sites, legally and ethically!


Did you know that your citations (business name, address, phone number) must be identical on every one of those sites?
Consistent citations are rare. We can fix incorrect citations and make sure your citations are consistent on various review sites, thus solidifying your brand!


Did you notice that most negative reviews do not have a response from management?
We can: 1) notify you of negative reviews as they are posted, 2) advise you on how to respond to those reviews, 3) respond for you so you can concentrate on running your business and 4) train you and your staff on customer service techniques to create customer experiences that lead to positive reviews and negate negative ones!


Did you know that video based reputation marketing plays a critical role in beating your competition in online searches?
Let us show you how a “review” video will push your business reputation “up front” on the search engines!


“I haven’t seen any negative reviews about my business. Why do I need your help?”
“To stay ahead of your competition, you need more reviews on *more sites than you are likely familiar with. We have the resources and know-how to get (and keep) you in front!”

Review Sites

Review sites include but are not limited to: Best of Web, Bing, Facebook, Four Square, Insider Pages, Dex Knows, Google Plus, Hot Frog, Kudzu, Local.com, Merchant Circle, Super Pages, Trip Advisor, Yahoo, Yellow Bot, Yellow Pages, Yelp, etc.

Although you maybe unfamiliar with many of the sites listed above, your business will benefit tremendously from appearing on those sites and garner greater influence on the more common sites if there are reviews on those sites.