Voice Search usage is seeing unprecedented growth, with personal assistant devices leading the way.

Our Voice Search Experts develop & design branded semantic campaigns that get very “BIG” results!

ComScore predicts that by the year 2020, 50% of all online searches will be performed with voice search. That was huge. Yet more recent numbers show that growth accelerating even more than its exceptional numbers. Voice search is the fastest growing type of search, according to Google. Already, 65% of teens and 51% of adults use voice search on a daily basis, and that number is only growing. The allure of voice search is undeniable—it’s faster, it’s hands-free, it lets you multi-task, and (especially among millennials) it’s considered cool.

Voice search is also becoming increasingly reliable as technology improves. In fact, two years ago word error rate was over 20%, but current speech recognition word error rate is as low as 8%—a huge leap in a short amount of time! So, we at SEO SEM Professionals have placed a huge emphasis on this technology and we are highly effective in the voice search market.

Explosive Growth And The Reason Behind It 

Our “VSO Campaigns” are a perfect fit for almost any type of business looking to establish and market themselves on Mobile and the major Search Engines at an affordable price. This proprietary approach is unique to SEO SEM Professionals ONLY. Our team of voice search experts will hand-craft custom VSO campaigns for each and every client. SEO SEM Professionals is one of only a few agencies that has the advantage of working closely with a dedicated semantic search team that is solely responsible for optimizing our client’s voice search campaigns. In addition to leveraging the team for these mediums, every SEO SEM Professionals client is also assigned a dedicated account manager to ensure optimum results on a consistent basis.